10 Small Gift Ideas That Will Make You the Best Gift Giver Ever

A Busy Day of Returning Your Gifts

Stop everything you are doing and check out this personally selected list of inexpensive goodies that will make you the best small-gift giver ever. I hope you’ll come to enjoy it.

Here we go:

1. For all those single ladies dreaming about a strong man

Mr T - Roll Holder Box

Mr T – Roll Holder (Monkey Business)


2. For those who think that life is a circus

Launrdy Pegs

Pegzini Family Circus Vintage Décor Clothespins (Amazon)


3. For all the fans of soap operas

Soap Opera

Soap Opera Dish Scrubber Holder (Amazon)


4. For those who still appreciate the good old art of doing dishes

Mona Lisa Sponge

I Can’t Believe it’s a Sponge 2-pk, Mona Lisa/Starry Night (Fante’s)


5. For those who dream of Paris

Ironing Board Cover - Paris

VieveMar Ironing Board Cover – Paris (Amazon)


6. For all those Disco Stu friends of yours

Disco Ball PotDisco Ball Plant Hangers (Etsy)

…or surprise them (and yourself) by making one — learn how here: (A Beautiful Mess)

…oh, almost forgot, you can get your disco ball dirt cheap here: (Walmart)


7. For fans of Dumb and Dumber *pretty bird*

Bird Shower Curtain Hangers

White Bird Shower Curtain Hooks (World Market)


8. For all your butterflies, SUGAR babies

Sugar House

Snow Globe Sugar Bowl (Amazon)


9. For all your anger management friends

I've Got a Knife Oven Mitt

I’ve Got A Knife Oven Mitt (Blue Q)


10. For all your anger management friends that got mad at you for giving them gift #9

Get the Hell out of my Kitchen Towel

Get The Hell Out Of My Kitchen Dish Towel (Blue Q)