Airbnb VS Hotels

Little pro’s and con’s list (more pro’s to be honest) of why I personally prefer Airbnb over hotels.

I know, I know…hotels have better guarantees and you don’t need to clean your room before checking out (First Hotel Pro), but let’s be honest – hotels do not have souls and they are pretty impersonal and this is First Hotel Con. I like seeing true colors of people and places all the time, and also when I’m on vacation. I love doing not-touristy things when I travel and my vacation motto is “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

My very first Airbnb experience was in Paris. I was looking for an apartment that would have this French and especially Parisian character. After hours spent on the website looking for the combo of perfect location, boho artistic chic interior, nice view, and affordable price, lucky me — I found it.

So, let’s continue with a little mixture of Airbnb and Hotels pro’s and con’s.

First Airbnb Pro — you can live in an absolutely dreamy apartment which will inspire you to make some changes in your own when you come back after this trip and at the end of the day that’s exactly why we are traveling in the first place – to get inspired (and relax of course). However, here is the First Airbnb Con — it can be time consuming to find this very-yours, Prince Charming of the Airbnb apartment options.

Second Airbnb Pro — your rental options can also be very interesting from ordinary studio to extraordinary tree house, cabin, boat house, yurt and so on.

Second Hotel Con — unless you choose to stay at the boutique hotel, you will end up in just another ordinary hotel room with some shitty wall art.

Third Airbnb Pro — exactly matches my vacation motto — “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. When you choose to stay at the Airbnb you open the door of all these amazing opportunities to feel and act like a local. You can explore all the neighborhood jams around you, go to the markets or grocery shops and cook your own meal (yeah-yeah-yeah, I know hotels do have kitchen option sometimes (Second Hotel Pro?) but once again — soulless option with limited or no kitchen appliances), shop at the unique urban boutiques, 99.9% chance that your neighbors are going to be real locals and not other bloody annoying tourists like you (just kidding).  And overall in the real neighborhood you will see the real city and not the artificial version of it that usually surrounds hotel areas (Third Hotel Con).

Second Airbnb Con — you will need to do your homework and arrange some background check of the potential Airbnb area, otherwise you might end up in a rough neighborhood. Make sure to check all the reviews as well, however, be careful with that too because we know how easy it is nowadays to get someone to write fake reviews for your business. So, make sure that this Airbnb account has more than just 3 reviews in total and they all are excellent. That’s exactly the trap that my husband and I got into in Marseille because someone (not me, wink wink) did not do his homework. This Airbnb apartment had, like I mentioned, 3 reviews, all of which were relatively good, plus good photos and the neighborhood was in the center of the city. We did not expect that Marseille is that “urban” (read rough). On top of that, the apartment did not match the description and photos at all. So, we spent there just 5 minutes maximum and just booked a room at the closest hotel. Airbnb reimbursed us btw.

Forth Airbnb Pro — your Airbnb host can be a really awesome person. Once in Le Puy-en-Velay we had a very interesting host whose apartment décor and interior is officially my life goal. She was very artsy, with a very unique personality, and after we arrived to her place we were just chilling with her at the patio, drinking coffee, smoking and talking about our life experiences and finding out about some cool places to go and see in town.  So, Airbnb is connecting people and helping you to get a different perspective on life and what can be better?