Brutally Honest Hair Care Routine

If you are just as fortunate (attention: sarcasm) as me and you are a lucky possessor of oily hair, please do yourself a huge favor and read this brutally honest hair care routine. A lot of girls complain that they need to wash their hair every day but it still somehow always looks dirty or that the ends are too dry and almost as sharp as knives… Well, I’ve been there and after discovering couple of cool hair care tips, my hair should probably at least write me a thank you note.

First of all, let’s find out if you even wash your hair the right way. Did you know that we’re actually supposed to wash our hair twice? Yes, yes, TWICE. I learned that when I was 11 y.o. during a girl-talk with my grandmother (who’s had gorgeous hair her whole life, and even now at the age of 70!). So, the first time you need to use a little bit of shampoo just to wash the dust and all the dirt from the city environment off your hair. When you wash your hair the second time you’re supposed to massage shampoo into the roots, that’s how you actually wash your scalp.

Also, you don’t even need to spread shampoo though the whole hair length. Not only it dries your hair ends more but also when you’ll be washing the shampoo out of your scalp, the bubbles will go through the entire length anyways.

If you put hair mask and conditioner on your hair roots please stop now! Just never do it again, there is absolutely no need in this, it only provokes your hair to be even more oily and on top of that you lose all the potential volume.

Before putting conditioner or mask on your hair, briefly dry it out with a towel. This way your hair will better absorb all the positive components.

A cold-water rinse will help seal the hair cuticle after conditioning.

First brush your hair and only then put a little bit of hair oil only on the ends. This way you would prevent the oil spreading all over the length and you hair will look clean longer.

Here are some of my favorite inexpensive hair products that I’m absolutely in love with. (Some of them are kind of hard to get in the U.S.)

Selective Professional ShampooSelective Professional is an exclusive Italian brand, proudly 100% made in Italy. I was introduced to this brand 10 years ago by my hair stylist who actually went to Italy to attend the hair styling school. It is impossible to find it in the U.S. – even online – so if you are lucky enough to run into this brand, just trust me, give it a try.

Natura Siberica Oblepikha hair care kit (Mask & Conditioner). Natura Siberica is the first Russian brand of organic high-quality cosmetics. Sea buckthorn berries or how we call them in Russia – Oblepikha – are edible and nutritious. They are packed with vitamins B1, B2, K, C, A, E, and folic acid; over 60 antioxidants, at least 20 minerals, and healthy fatty acids. I’m absolutely obsessed with these berries. I drink a lot of tea with oblepikha and for sure will buy any beauty product that has oblepikha in it. Only one thing that disturbs me a lot is how pricey Natura Siberica products are outside of Russia. So, if you are planning on visiting Russia anytime soon, my advice for you is to stock up there and buy some for me too…just kidding.

Marc Anthony Argan Oil of Morocco. Cheaper but not in any case worse alternative for famous Moroccanoil Treatment Original. Makes my hair shine and smell divine. And it lasts a long time too.

I decided that besides sharing positive feedback, I will always try to bring up some products or brands that are total disappointment for me. So, here we go:

brutally honest hair care

Mermaid No1 Shampoo & Conditioner. I saw this set on the Anthropologie website and really wanted to test it right away. After the first use, I was extremely disappointed. It didn’t foam at all and the promised smell reminded me of shampoo for kids and my hair not only did not get any better, I think it also somehow dried it even more. For this price, it could be so much better. It’s definitely not a luxury segment hair line even though the packaging, name and overall brand concept screams the opposite. If you are going to invest some money into your hair and want to treat yourself with some high-end products then please avoid products of this brand and select something from Christophe Robin, Sachajuan, Davines or good old L’Oréal Professionnel or Kérastase.