Café Lutecia (Accidentally French Philadelphia)

Croque-madame at Café Lutecia

Philadelphia is accidentally French, there is no arguing that. If you, just like me, are living in Philly but dreaming of Paris — don’t worry, I got us covered. I decided to start collecting everything that is accidentally French about Philly in my blog. Instead of how to be Parisian wherever you are, I will try to teach you how to be French in Philly. So, let’s start with my favorite place to get French breakfast and lunch (or even dinner if you know the secret).

Let me introduce you to Café Lutecia. It’s a small family-owned corner café with outside seating. The place is seriously small, and does not take reservations, but who cares when it’s totally worth it. The chef/owner is actually from Biarritz, a city in the French Basque Country.

Cappuccinos at Café Lutecia
Cappuccinos on the sidewalk

Little known fact: Lutecia (or Lutetia) was the Gallo-Roman city predecessor of what we all know now as a city of Love and Light – Paris.

Their menu is as French as you can get: so many different quiches that are to die for, delicious soups, or classic le petit dejeuner options like baguette or croissant with jam and butter, coffee and orange juice. If you get a seat inside, you might be lucky enough to hear the chef and her daughter speak French and that creates this kind of oh là là atmosphere.

Here is more good news for you. But shh, don’t tell anyone. They are open on Tuesdays for dinner, or should I say le dîner. Besides dinner specials that change all the time, you can get Basque-French style tapas called pintxos.

Dinner at Café Lutecia
C’est la vie

Also, they are BYOB, so don’t forget to grab a bottle of French wine with you and stay tuned for more Accidentally French Philadelphia updates from yours truly.

À bientôt

PS Here is a review from the Philadelphia Inquirer

Café Lutecia

2301 Lombard St, Philadelphia, PA 19146