Instagram: Editing Apps + Tips

Recently, a good amount of people have complemented my Instagram, especially how organic my feed looks like. That’s why I decided to share some simple rules I personally follow and some tricks I use when creating my feed.

So, first of all, in order to make your feed look organic you need to do some prep work. Start with finding the perfect app that will help you organize a content calendar.  When I first started using Instagram for my blog, I ran into this app called UNUM. It’s free of charge and pretty easy to use. However, later on I moved on to ContentOffice app. It’s more user friendly and has more cool features, e.g. you can update your profile info and jazz it up with some symbols, or it has a better organization system for hashtags that you frequently use.

Once that’s taken care of then we can move on to the actual content. Your Instagram content needs to represent a specific aesthetic, for example mine is “French soul trapped in Russian body living in the US”. It does not necessarily have to be as weird or specific, just remember, the world is your oyster. So, the main secret to the organic feed is to edit photos in a similar style, which you will need to pick for yourself at the very beginning. You might choose warm, bright, faded, cold, dark style of photos or maybe even edit everything in pastel colors, but pick one style and stick to it, it will help your account stand out from others. However, do not worry, if you pick dark style and then realize that you are more of a bright colors kind of person, all you need to do is just plan out your content calendar as if you are a hairstylist and your Instagram feed is a client who requested an ombré. In other words, at first step by step work out a strategy to insert a little bit of new color that you want and then every next photo can have more and more of your new predominant color, just don’t do a sharp & rapid change.

I’m not going to rediscover America or reinvent the wheel by saying that I use VSCO for the majority of my photos. It’s extremely easy to use and it offers exactly what I need and want in order to create a perfect feed. My favorite filters are A4-A6 The Aesthetic Series. I just love these natural tones, subtle color shifts, and slight dimming. Also, the Aesthetic Series were inspired by classic analog film style, which fits perfectly into my “French soul trapped in Russian body living in the US” Instagram agenda.

Another favorite app of mine is Lomograph. It helps create super authentic, experimental and creative film analog pictures because every single filter that this app offers is a version of different vintage Soviet Cameras, like Zenit, Moskva, etc and I think that’s ultimately cool.

I like using Afterlight 2 app to add a vintage film effect to my images with these super realistic dust texture filters.

And the last app that I like a lot but for some reason barely use is Whitagram. I especially like this colorful adjustable frame feature.

For my Instagram Stories I mainly use Unfold. It’s a very user friendly app that helps you create aesthetically pleasing & not ordinary stories.

Hopefully this quick Instagram guide will be helpful for you or at least inspire you for some Insta changes. Enjoy!