Skin Care Routine: Cleansing Essentials

For a while I was using just soap to take my make up off and I confess it was a huge mistake that I made. I believed that because I have oily skin using soap would be a remedy for it but I forgot that I’m not getting any younger and my skin needs to stay moisturized regardless of it being oily.

I did some research and discovered some beauty products that work fantastically for me. They do not dry my skin out, they just gently clean, exfoliate and moisture it. So, here are some of them.

Brutally Honest Hair Care Routine

If you are just as fortunate (attention: sarcasm) as me and you are a lucky possessor of oily hair, please do yourself a huge favor and read this brutally honest hair care routine. A lot of girls complain that they need to wash their hair every day but it still somehow always looks dirty or that the ends are too dry and almost as sharp as knives… Well, I’ve been there and after discovering couple of cool hair care tips, my hair should probably at least write me a thank you note.

Back in Time

Music helps us go back in time. Everyone shared this experience when they hear a piece of music from decades later and then automatically get transported back to that particular moment. It feels almost like stepping into a time machine. You can feel everything as if you were actually there.

I often feel nostalgic about my college years at the South Ural State University. I miss this feeling of freedom mixed together with anxiety because you need to finish your paper, get ready for the exam, etc. And of course I miss my friends, fun we had together and all the ups and downs from these days. So, I created this playlist on Spotify that is filled with the music I used to listen to when I was in college. Check it out and get nostalgic with me.

The Devil Is In The Details

Recently, it’s been pretty warm in Philadelphia. It felt like Spring just gave us a short visit. I love that warm and shiny weather gives you this feeling of hope for better and sets you up in this adventurous kind of mood. I started thinking about last Spring and remembered my favorite fashion accessories that I purchased then. Well, one I really needed to purchase and the second one was just a match made in heaven.

French Women Don't Get Fat and Magical Leek

It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle

For all those dear fellows who just like me got themselves out of control and gained bunch of weight during holiday season…

I’m not a fan of diets and I never was. Also, I’m not a fan of killing myself at the gym. I strictly believe that being in good shape is easy. All you need to do is just eat healthy, right amount of food at the appropriate time and just don’t sit around the whole day. And you know what? I’m not the only one. About a year ago I came across this really good book “French Women Don’t Get Fat”.

French people are known for their love for food, they simply won’t refuse themselves in these divine pleasures like having a glass/bottle(s) of wine with cheese, baguettes, foie gras, etc. They are also known to have an absolutely opposite attitude towards gyms than Americans. Check out Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik, there is a whole chapter about it and I’m pretty sure nothing changed since the time his book was written. And you know what?  I can’t blame them. We only live once for God sakes!  Let’s just enjoy the good food and not waste our time and money at the gym but still stay in good shape!

Paris Seine

My First Trip to Europe, Pt. 1: Paris

For my 25th birthday we decided to go to Europe for two weeks. Our first stop on this journey was Paris. I was super exited and in our first morning there, I didn’t even feel jetlagged despite the long plane ride and significant time difference. While we were waiting for our Airbnb check in, we went to get something to eat at the closest bistro to us. Despite the fact that the first thing I saw in Paris was how two people were washing the same two massage tables in front of this bistro, Paris was my love from the first sight. I caught this typical See-Paris-and-Die kind of flu.

A Busy Day of Returning Your Gifts

10 Small Gift Ideas That Will Make You the Best Gift Giver Ever

Stop everything you are doing and check out this personally selected list of inexpensive goodies that will make you the best small-gift giver ever. I hope you’ll come to enjoy it.

Here we go:

1. For all those single ladies dreaming about a strong man

Mr T - Roll Holder Box

Mr T – Roll Holder (Monkey Business)

Croque-madame at Café Lutecia

Café Lutecia (Accidentally French Philadelphia)

Philadelphia is accidentally French, there is no arguing that. If you, just like me, are living in Philly but dreaming of Paris — don’t worry, I got us covered. I decided to start collecting everything that is accidentally French about Philly in my blog. Instead of how to be Parisian wherever you are, I will try to teach you how to be French in Philly. So, let’s start with my favorite place to get French breakfast and lunch (or even dinner if you know the secret).

Let me introduce you to Café Lutecia. It’s a small family-owned corner café with outside seating. The place is seriously small, and does not take reservations, but who cares when it’s totally worth it. The chef/owner is actually from Biarritz, a city in the French Basque Country.

Dance Post

Movies About Dancers (Don’t Expect to See “Step Up” in Here)

For some reason, I always loved movies about dancers. But please let me specify that by movies about dancers I do not mean Step Up or Honey, I’m kinda not this type of gal who worships them. (This is the part where my husband would laugh while reading this, because when we started dating I asked him out to watch one of the Step Ups that was out at the time. In my excuse I was young and in love.) Anyways, going back to the topic…Maybe I’m so interested in them because I regret not doing dance growing up, or maybe because I still believe that I should ultimately became a flamenco dancer, change my name to Carmen and run away with some gypsy caravan. It’s just there is so much freedom, self-expression in dancing. I believe that when people are dancing that’s when they are really being themselves.

In the last six months I accidentally ran into three really good movies about dancers. Although, these movies are not just about dancers, they are about eagerness to live, love, be yourself, express yourself, achieve your dreams, make friends, and be happy. Excited? Here they are: