Skin Care Routine: Cleansing Essentials

For a while I was using just soap to take my make up off and I confess it was a huge mistake that I made. I believed that because I have oily skin using soap would be a remedy for it but I forgot that I’m not getting any younger and my skin needs to stay moisturized regardless of it being oily.

I did some research and discovered some beauty products that work fantastically for me. They do not dry my skin out, they just gently clean, exfoliate and moisture it. So, here are some of them.

I start my day by using Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser Orange Extract to clean all the dust and oil out that got on my face during the night. It just refreshes my face and makes me feel recharged.

Then I use a little bit of Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion. I bought it for the first time about 3 years ago at Anthropologie and never ever stopped using it. Frankly, I tried using other toners from this brand but still I strongly love only this particular one. I use it religiously twice or three times a day.

I discovered Caudalie a year ago after I got some free samples of this brand at Sephora and immediately fell in love with it. I recently got Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser Fleur de Vigne. Before I was a little skeptical about the foam cleansing technique but then I saw how my favorite fashion blogger Katya Gousset was talking about it on her YouTube channel and I just blindly trusted her with it – I was not disappointed.

This baby, Institute Arnaud Gentle Facial Exfoliating Gel, I use twice a week as it’s recommended by the brand. I’ve been using this product since 2009 and I’m still absolutely crazy in love with it. It’s very gentle on my skin but still does a great cleansing job. The only problem is that it’s extremely hard to get in the U.S., so I make my mom ship it to me once a year, or I buy it myself every time I’m in Russia. It lasts me exactly a year. So, it’s totally worth the hassle.

Stay tuned for more beauty tips by yours truly.

À bientôt,