So…You Finally Rejuvenated Some Really Damaged Hair. What’s Next?

In this post I’ll tell you how I fixed my extremely damaged hair and which products I used to continue this healthy hair journey.

About two years ago I had a very bad hair color experience at one of the really nice hair salons here in Philadelphia. To cut a long story short — instead of natural looking ombre I ran out of there with super bleached and burnt from the roots hair, go figure. No words can explain how devastated I was. My beautiful natural healthy hair was yellow with spots of white walker grey-ish . After crying all night, the next morning I went to a different salon to get this mess fixed. My hair color was eventually taken care of but it went through so much stress in one weekend that it basically still felt and looked like I was wearing a wig made out of an old rat that died in a pretty bad fire accident.

It took me a little over two years to make it look shiny and healthy again. At first, I basically forbade myself to blow-dry my hair or use any hair straightener, curler, anything, I deleted these words from my vocabulary and memory. Only air dry, a lot of hair oil, conditioners and masks. Although, no matter what I did, my hair was not recovering. I got so many haircuts during these two years, every time I asked to chop off as much as needed and even more, I couldn’t care less about the length – quality that’s what I valued and needed the most. Still shortly after every single haircut my hair became very dry very quickly. However, I did not give up and used hair masks three times a week, left it for 20 minutes each time; and obviously used hair conditioner every time I washed my hair.

Finally, two months ago I completely got rid of anything even remotely resembling this bleached hair. I am not planning on experimenting with my hair color any time soon but still I have this healthy hair obsession now and I want to grow my hair very long and style it differently. I’ve been told numerous times by different hairstylists to switch to paraben and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. I continued to ignore them up until recently. I read a little more about how harmful these chemicals can be for your hair and I decided to switch my haircare gears. I cannot express how happy I am with my three new hair products, or how I call them now – my hair’s best friends.

1) Natura Siberica Shampoo

I already talked about Natura Siberica in my previous post dedicated to hair care routine. I still love this brand but I just purchased for the first time their sulfate & paraben free shampoo and I love it to the moon and back. Before I used only very expensive professional shampoos but this one was not worse and to a certain extent better. First of all, let’s be honest, the main and the most important function of all the shampoos is to simply clean your hair and this one does it great and it also does an amazing moisturizing job, while allowing my hair to be voluminous to its full capacity and more.

Natura Siberica Shampoo

2) Davines Love Conditioner

Davines Love Hair Conditioner is called Love for a reason. I can’t even begin how much I love everything about it. Davines started in Parma, Italy as a high-end haircare research lab. Davines products are still made in Parma today with a combination of the highest-quality natural ingredients, scientific rigor and a respect for our environment. I chose Love series because I have very frizzy hair and because it looked cute (victim of marketing). It was very humid outside the first time I used this conditioner and oh boy, my hair was so smooth and silky the whole day while I was running errands outside. It for sure passed the test drive. I give this product 11 out of 10!

Davines Love

3) Moroccanoil Treatment Original

After trying so many different hair oil products, I finally decided to go back to my old love Moroccanoil Treatment Original. This product is just hands down marvelous. Here is a little trick: after I get out of shower, I dry my hair with a towel and apply a tiny bit of this magical oil on my damp hair and leave it alone for 5-7 minutes, let it absorb everything and only then brush.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original