Surf Girls Hair Style aka Messy Hair Don’t Care

Do you want to create this very cool surf girl hair look but don’t know how? It’s honestly extremely easy.

Firstly, little observation: this hairstyle looks absolutely fantastic on a layering haircut with some blond highlights or balayage. It will just help in creating more organic and authentic look but if you are a natural hair color fan, obviously there is no need to sacrifice. You can just use a little technique of sprinkling some lemon juice on your hair before you go outside in the sun.

Secondly, I would recommend purchasing Sea Minerals Hair Conditioner by OGX. It smells great and it will set you up into vacation mode. Trust me on this one.

Thirdly, you will need to purchase a sea salt spray. I came across all kinds of sea salt sprays of different price categories and after trying them all I can guarantee you that Renpure Sea Salt Spray is outstanding and it does even more than just a great job for the price you pay.

Directions are very simple: Take a shower. Wash your hair and apply some sea minerals conditioner and then wash it off. Put the towel on your head,  slightly dry your hair but make sure that it stays 70% wet. Then brush it and spray some sea salt spay and then scrunch the hair. After you done scrunching, just let your hair air-dry because your hair gets damaged enough by direct sunlight during the whole summer and you do not want to harm it even more with a blow-dryer. And voila —you get this natural, easy, breezy hair style that did not take much of your time.

This is my go-to hairstyle during hot humid Philadelphia summers that I came up with after realizing that I simply don’t have time to style my hair every morning before I go to work and also my hair totally lost the humidity battle. So, if you are just like me in this regard, then I strongly recommend you using this technique.