Dance Post

Movies About Dancers (Don’t Expect to See “Step Up” in Here)

For some reason, I always loved movies about dancers. But please let me specify that by movies about dancers I do not mean Step Up or Honey, I’m kinda not this type of gal who worships them. (This is the part where my husband would laugh while reading this, because when we started dating I asked him out to watch one of the Step Ups that was out at the time. In my excuse I was young and in love.) Anyways, going back to the topic…Maybe I’m so interested in them because I regret not doing dance growing up, or maybe because I still believe that I should ultimately became a flamenco dancer, change my name to Carmen and run away with some gypsy caravan. It’s just there is so much freedom, self-expression in dancing. I believe that when people are dancing that’s when they are really being themselves.

In the last six months I accidentally ran into three really good movies about dancers. Although, these movies are not just about dancers, they are about eagerness to live, love, be yourself, express yourself, achieve your dreams, make friends, and be happy. Excited? Here they are: