The Devil Is In The Details

Recently, it’s been pretty warm in Philadelphia. It felt like Spring just gave us a short visit. I love that warm and shiny weather gives you this feeling of hope for better and sets you up in this adventurous kind of mood. I started thinking about last Spring and remembered my favorite fashion accessories that I purchased then. Well, one I really needed to purchase and the second one was just a match made in heaven.

The first one is a pair of reading glasses by Philly Eyeworks. The company’s name is pretty self-explanatory but let me specify that they are based out of Philadelphia (duh) which is awesome. Shop local!  Also, you can customize the color and shape of your frames and it’s very inexpensive compared to other brands. So, if you are from Philly, you are welcome.

The second one is a pair of pink and blue ombré sunglasses from Free People. They only cost $20 but brought me a lot of compliments. They were my best companion last summer because I have a lot of summer outfits in a similar color group, so I could easily create these duochrome looks that were trendy then. Oh, by the way, Free People is also based out of Philly. So…shop local again, I guess (although it’s corporate).

That’s actually one of the styling rules that I follow: accessories and shoes should be the exclamation points of your outfit. You can wear just any basic shirt with pants, I know sounds boring, but a fantastic pair of glasses (shoes or bag) can not only make a statement but also can become the glue holding your whole outfit together. Let’s just call this rule “the devil is in the details.