Gift Guide 2018-2019

Holiday season is coming up: I know I’m kind of last minute with Christmas gift guide, but I thought, hey, there is still New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, you name it. We all know how overwhelming and stressful it can be even though it totally does not have to. That’s why I decided to take the weight off your shoulders and created this Gift Guide with different sections and subdivisions to make it as creative and as easy as possible for you to shop. Cheers!

4 French Movies for an Atmospheric Weekend

If you like me enjoy staying in on the weekends, drinking herbal tea and watching movies with some nostalgic vibe, then here are 4 French movies I strongly recommend watching this beautiful Fall.

“Come September you push down the windows you pushed up, take off the sneakers you put on, pull on the hard shoes you threw away last June. People run in the house now like birds jumping back inside clocks. One minute, porches loaded, everyone gabbing thirty to a dozen. Next minute, doors slam, talk stops, and leaves fall off trees like crazy.”

Ultimate French Playlist

Music is very intimate and opens the door to a person’s soul. Soooo….I decided to start sharing my personally created playlists with you.

Today I present to you my absolutely favorite Ultimate French Playlist. It’s a mixture of cliché and old-school French music, different decades and styles along with some new funky and jazzy songs. Also, you can even find some rap there too. Surprisingly enough it did not take me a long time to find the right songs and put them all together. Every single song that’s in there I truly love and enjoy listening to anytime of the day, week, month, and year. These songs are just like good French wine – they only get better and better over time.

I strongly recommend you to leave your living room window wide open on a sunny Sunday afternoon, pour yourself a glass of rosé and enjoy this playlist full of curiosities. Je vous en prie.

Back in Time

Music helps us go back in time. Everyone shared this experience when they hear a piece of music from decades later and then automatically get transported back to that particular moment. It feels almost like stepping into a time machine. You can feel everything as if you were actually there.

I often feel nostalgic about my college years at the South Ural State University. I miss this feeling of freedom mixed together with anxiety because you need to finish your paper, get ready for the exam, etc. And of course I miss my friends, fun we had together and all the ups and downs from these days. So, I created this playlist on Spotify that is filled with the music I used to listen to when I was in college. Check it out and get nostalgic with me.

Dance Post

Movies About Dancers (Don’t Expect to See “Step Up” in Here)

For some reason, I always loved movies about dancers. But please let me specify that by movies about dancers I do not mean Step Up or Honey, I’m kinda not this type of gal who worships them. (This is the part where my husband would laugh while reading this, because when we started dating I asked him out to watch one of the Step Ups that was out at the time. In my excuse I was young and in love.) Anyways, going back to the topic…Maybe I’m so interested in them because I regret not doing dance growing up, or maybe because I still believe that I should ultimately became a flamenco dancer, change my name to Carmen and run away with some gypsy caravan. It’s just there is so much freedom, self-expression in dancing. I believe that when people are dancing that’s when they are really being themselves.

In the last six months I accidentally ran into three really good movies about dancers. Although, these movies are not just about dancers, they are about eagerness to live, love, be yourself, express yourself, achieve your dreams, make friends, and be happy. Excited? Here they are: